Monday, March 4, 2013

P.S. I love you :)

   The Love month is over. But perfect Love abides always. So, my Cupid Bear is bringing more of it with him.:)

   He is also the first one in my new Cozy Bears collection.
   Please, enjoy.

   Cupid is an original designed OOAK teddy bear. Completely hand-made in teal Extra-Long Sparse mini bear fabric and white Ultrasuede light (his feet, ears and eye lids). His LOVEly nose is made out of oven baked clay, toned with acrylic and oil and lacquered. Same as his gentle wings and charming rose. 
   He is fully jointed (head and arms - on double joints, can waggle them. :)) Filled with fiberfill and weighted with steel shot. His pink glass eyes are rimmed with adorable eyelashes. 

   He is approx. 3,5” tall while standing (and 3” while sitting down).

   I already love this guy! He is very compassionate and understanding. He comforts me as I miss my babies from the previous Sweet bears collection a little bit.;)