Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Here is my top 10 why I love Christmas:
10. This is the only time of winter when I really appreciate snow. Thoughts of Christmas make me warm even in the most freezing days of the year. Otherwise I wish it was hot and even humid Summer all year round. :)
9. I love reading all the Christmas story books to my son. They look especially joyful and colorful. My favorite one is “God gave us Christmas” by Lisa Tawn Bergren. I read her book “God gave us you” to our tiny Danny ever since he was in my huge belly. :) 
8. I love receiving, as well as making, and/or sending Christmas cards.
7. This is the only time of the year when I gladly switch from my coffee and a piece of bitter sweet chocolate to hot cocoa with marshmallows. Love them! Yum!
6. I love decorating Christmas tree and thinking of all the places that we’ve been to and things that we’ve done over the years with my beloved Hubby (we collect Christmas tree ornaments and they help us collect those wonderful memories).
5. I love Christmas music playing on my favorite KSBJ radio station out of Huston (I only wished they played it through January 7th - when we celebrate Christmas here in Ukraine).
4. I love plotting out the most delicious menu of the year for the Christmas family dinner.3. I love wrapping presents.
2. I love taking my son to different Christmas plays where there is always Santa Claus (of Grandpa Frost here in Ukraine).
1. And most of all, I love celebrating Birthdays and... THIS ONE is the most special to me!!! 

So, Happy Birthday, Jesus!!! 
And Merry Christmas to all!!!


Таnia in Delhi said...

Здорово! А ведь действительно, есть столько причин, чтобы любить Рождество и ожидать чуда каждый год!

mom in art said...

:)))Да, Таня, и всегда немного грустно, когда Рождество проходит... И начинаешь ждать следующего. В этом году я очень благодарна моей любимой станции, за то, что они частично продолжили играть рождественскую музыку даже после 25-ого. Ведь у нас еще Рождество ждать и ждать. :)

P.S. Спасибо, что стала первым комментатором на этом немного заброшенном но таком любимом мною блоге!!!!:)))

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