Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tamed Red House Shoes

    A couple of months ago my son won a battle with his house shoes - he learned how to put them on without anybody’s help.

    Not that earlier he didn’t do it at all, simply each time he tried to desperately avoid this unpleasant procedure. I literally had to resort to at times fine blackmail (aka... I won’t play with you until you put those house shoes on), and sometimes - to even bribing (if you put those shoes on, I’ll give you a cookie)... And Danny with a hopelessly hung head would go to the location of those savage house shoes, sit down on the floor and would puff for about 10 minutes: 5 minutes over one foot, and then (if by that time he did not start whining and fussing) he’d puff and huff for another 5 minutes over the other foot.  He probably, was thinking: “ Well why Mommy’s and Daddy’s house shoes are normal and easy, while I have THESE with the awful elastic bands behind! If only I was a pro at using scissors, I would cut them off without a back thought!”...
    But one day my son, probably, has recollected all my instructions on the subject of “the elastic band should be at the bottom of your hill”, held them down with his tiny hand and slipped first one foot in and then the other. Yahoo!!! The house shoes have been tamed!!!
    But here is the catch. This all happened when these house shoes had long lost their shape, form and color. The inside insole was playing pick-a-boo through the knitted material, and each side got inches of non-uniform fringe... Provisional and caring parents (that is we) were already planning to replace THIS “slip on chaos” with “normal house shoes like  Mommy’s and Daddy’s”... 
    So unfair! As a matter of fact a major achievement just happened: the kid struggled, thought out strategy, studied the structure of the object, fought for the cause, looked for solutions... And finally HAS solved the problem..., and all of a sudden we palm off another one on him... 
    But, that’s INDEED what we - PARENTS are for... To help our little ones find the second wind and strive for better.:)
    Nevertheless I have decided to immortalize the memory of THESE first won house shoes and... painted them.
    The picture is called “The Serious Talk”. And the models are a pair of Danny’s house shoes and pair of Daddy’s... “swim fins” size 13... (it was necessary to reduce them a little for aesthetic reasons though.):)


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