Monday, March 4, 2013

P.S. I love you :)

   The Love month is over. But perfect Love abides always. So, my Cupid Bear is bringing more of it with him.:)

   He is also the first one in my new Cozy Bears collection.
   Please, enjoy.

   Cupid is an original designed OOAK teddy bear. Completely hand-made in teal Extra-Long Sparse mini bear fabric and white Ultrasuede light (his feet, ears and eye lids). His LOVEly nose is made out of oven baked clay, toned with acrylic and oil and lacquered. Same as his gentle wings and charming rose. 
   He is fully jointed (head and arms - on double joints, can waggle them. :)) Filled with fiberfill and weighted with steel shot. His pink glass eyes are rimmed with adorable eyelashes. 

   He is approx. 3,5” tall while standing (and 3” while sitting down).

   I already love this guy! He is very compassionate and understanding. He comforts me as I miss my babies from the previous Sweet bears collection a little bit.;)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Everything NEW

   New Year. New life. New home.
   My two men continue inspiring me for new creations. 

   Couple of months ago Danny learned how to draw a smile on my face. Literarily. 
If he sees me frowning a bit, he comes up with the words: Mama, are you happy? No? and draws an upside-down rainbow in the air with his tiny finger. Works every time. Can’t resist - I smile.:)

    So, this work was inspired by Danny: “I will cover my Mama with smiles” (in a private collection).

    Mom - about 12,5 inch, little Boy - 5 inch.
    Materials: paper clay, hand made paper and fimo clay.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mary Poppins is back. So am I.:)

   Ok, I guess I’ve been too COZY in my painting, sewing, sculpting and traveling. But now I’m back and will try to keep my posts more up to date...;)
   Here is my latest creation: Mary Poppins with her new adventures on a Green goose. 

   She was born thanks to a wonderful teacher-artist Luba Lukyanchuk and her express-course of doll-making.

   Materials are sculpting clay “Das”, paper clay and rice paper; painted with acrylic and pastel.

   It was an incredible experience that made me admire all of the doll artists. You, guys, have an amazing patience and strength. God bless your fingers!:) 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Here is my top 10 why I love Christmas:
10. This is the only time of winter when I really appreciate snow. Thoughts of Christmas make me warm even in the most freezing days of the year. Otherwise I wish it was hot and even humid Summer all year round. :)
9. I love reading all the Christmas story books to my son. They look especially joyful and colorful. My favorite one is “God gave us Christmas” by Lisa Tawn Bergren. I read her book “God gave us you” to our tiny Danny ever since he was in my huge belly. :) 
8. I love receiving, as well as making, and/or sending Christmas cards.
7. This is the only time of the year when I gladly switch from my coffee and a piece of bitter sweet chocolate to hot cocoa with marshmallows. Love them! Yum!
6. I love decorating Christmas tree and thinking of all the places that we’ve been to and things that we’ve done over the years with my beloved Hubby (we collect Christmas tree ornaments and they help us collect those wonderful memories).
5. I love Christmas music playing on my favorite KSBJ radio station out of Huston (I only wished they played it through January 7th - when we celebrate Christmas here in Ukraine).
4. I love plotting out the most delicious menu of the year for the Christmas family dinner.3. I love wrapping presents.
2. I love taking my son to different Christmas plays where there is always Santa Claus (of Grandpa Frost here in Ukraine).
1. And most of all, I love celebrating Birthdays and... THIS ONE is the most special to me!!! 

So, Happy Birthday, Jesus!!! 
And Merry Christmas to all!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My passion for coffee

   I have always been amazed by those, who walk into a coffee shop and know EXACTLY what they want. I am usually instantly disoriented by the enticing aroma of coffee, indulging sight of pastries and the soothing sound of music. One day it lullabies me into a sweet tranquillity of mind, another - grants me a cheering march for the day. But I still hesitate what to order... 
    Put it ALL into one cup, make it a double shot of peace, spice it up with unending joy, sprinkle it with great ideas, lavish it with a mountain of fulfillment, add a pinch of self confidence... and I will be good for the day.
    By the way, where is my coffee?...  

Friday, July 29, 2011

Stop pushing buttons. Start taking Pictures.

     I really LIKE photography.
    No. I LOVE taking pictures.
    No. I’M PASSIONATE about it!!!
    Maybe that’s the reason I’m hardly ever IN them. Although I'D LIKE to be. Over the years my dearest Hubby came to understanding of my passion. He tries his best to quench my thirst for photographic proof of me being present at our traveling destinations together with my family. BUT! I am a perfectionist. So, I am very particular about the pictures I’d like to be taken. Thus the consequences...
    Recently we were having one of the “discussions” on the “why do you cut my feet off” topic.
    - I’m hardly ever in the pictures! You don’t even try to catch the moments Danny and I spend together! - I exclaimed in light despair.
   - Well, I do push the button, but you just don’t like the pictures! - answered my Hubby.
   - ... OOoooH! That’s GOOD! You’ve gotta use this one somewhere...
    Yes, my husband is a true diplomate and a peacemaker. I’m blessed...:)
    So, I painted our Son’s portrait and named it this way:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A different perspective

    While travelling, one of the things I miss the most - is my kitchen at home. So, I gathered all of my favorite pots and pans, took a picture of them and finally painted it.  
    Now when I get a cooking buzz-bug and no kitchen to land it on I might just look at this pile and realize: it’s ok sometimes NOT to have it around...:)